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Monday, August 17, 2015
Dave Adametz

Vice Chairman
John McMahon

Cheryl Fine

Nancy Gorski
A message from the Chairman
The first step in solving any problem is to first admit there is a problem, and we have a serious problem in Connecticut.

We see a governor who vetoes a balanced and reasonable budget because it does not include the tax increases he needs to pay for his
projects. We see a legislature who removes many exemptions in our income taxes, meaning we will wind up giving even more money to
the state out of our paychecks. We even see promises of budget surpluses and promises of no tax increases before the election, which
somehow became massive budget deficits and a tax increase of over a billion dollars once the election was over.

Even now in Hartford, we see proposals of “Mileage taxes” which charge people taxes according to how much they drive. Such
measures are clearly designed to force smaller towns like Killingworth to help pay for the expenses of larger Connecticut cities, as
residents who live in Killingworth need to commute further distances than residents who live in Hartford and Stamford. I regret to say
many other policies heading our way will be equally unfair to residents of small towns such as ours.

This isn’t a Republican issue vs. a Democrat issue, but an issue between those that support the irresponsible policies of Hartford, and
those who are against them. On the one hand we see Democratic State Representative Sean Scanlon, representing our neighbors in
Branford and Guilford, voting against these tax increases, but on the other hand we see Democratic State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr.,
representing our own town of Killingworth, voting to approve Hartford’s policies. I do not exaggerate the scale of irresponsibility of this
problem, as even the June edition of Forbes Magazine declared Connecticut’s tax increases as “financial suicide”.

Somewhere along the line, we’ve been given leaders who have forgotten that every dollar taken away from us is a dollar that won’t go to
feeding our families, or to keeping a roof over our heads, and our town needs responsible leaders who are willing to roll up their shirt
sleeves and work together to protect the quality of life for the people of Killingworth, rather than the best interests of State leaders or of
Hartford and Stamford. With that goal in mind, the Killingworth Republican Town Committee is pleased to announce our list of worthy
and experienced candidates who share our vision of responsible leadership. Our candidates; town leaders with years of leadership
experience, successful business owners, proud community volunteers, and dedicated people whose families have lived in Killingworth
for generations; understand the problems Killingworth will be facing in the weeks to come, and by standing together we can become
stronger leaders for our town than we could ever be alone.

Our candidates are:
First Selectman: Robert Drew
Board of Selectman: Fred Dudek
Board of Finance: Nancy Gorski, Matt Young, Dave Hudson
Board of Education: Jeannie Young, David Adametz
Fire Commissioner: Todd Hajek
Zoning Board of Appeals: Bruce Dodson, Matt Young
Zoning Board of Appeals (Alt): Daniel Haas
Planning and Zoning: Thomas Lentz, Paul McGuinness
Board of Assessment Appeals: Henry Rampone

You will be hearing more from these qualified people, and what their policies will be, in the weeks to come. We hope you will be
pleased by what they will say.

We cannot promise you miracles. In this day and age, anyone who tells you they can magically cut taxes without hurting the people of
Killingworth, or promise they can slash the school budget without sacrificing the quality of education for our children, is outright lying to
you. What we can promise, is to keep the standard of living of this great town in the forefront of our policies, and work to make the quality
of life as beautiful for the people of Killingworth as possible. We are all in this situation together, after all. We are not only community
leaders; we are also your neighbors.

I invite the good people of Killingworth to consider these qualified and experienced candidates on November 3rd. Your vote counts.

David Adametz
Chairman, Killingworth Republican Town Committee