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Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Dave Adametz

Vice Chairman
John McMahon

Cheryl Fine

Nancy Gorski
CT GOP Chair praises House and Senate blueprint for prosperity
HARTFORD—Today, Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. commented on the Blueprint for Prosperity which was released by
House and Senate Republicans on Friday afternoon.

“House and Senate Republicans have proposed a responsible budget that restores opportunity for families and small
businesses in Connecticut,” said Labriola. “For five years we have suffered under Dan Malloy’s reckless policies of
over-taxation, excessive borrowing and government overreach. These policies have plunged our state into an
economic death spiral which is producing a mass exodus out of Connecticut."

Labriola concluded, "Thankfully, our Republican leaders recognize what the Governor and the Democrats don’t- that
job creators and taxpayers have 49 other states to choose from. I therefore urge the legislature to adopt this
reasonable proposal to begin to make Connecticut competitive again.”

Below please find the press release from the Connecticut House and Senate Republicans:

HARTFORD – Scrapping Gov. Malloy’s budget proposal, House and Senate Republicans today offered their plan, a
Blueprint for Prosperity, which accomplishes what the governor could not: it is balanced, under the spending cap,
restores vital social service programs for the neediest and reforms taxes, while instituting government reforms to save
hundreds of millions in the coming two years.

The Republican proposal will benefit multiple socioeconomic interests: taxpayers, consumers, the developmentally
disabled, businesses, non-profits, municipalities and hospitals.

“Connecticut’s fiscal reality required that we prioritize and make difficult choices. But we did not arrive at this point at
the expense of those who depend on services to survive, taxpayers who live paycheck to paycheck, or businesses that
create jobs and spur economic expansion,’’ House Republican Leader Themis Klarides said. “We offer our
alternatives with the hope and expectation that together with Democrats, we can craft a budget that makes sense and
preserves core elements of government that we know we need and are within our means.’’

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano said, “Governor Malloy’s proposed budget would cripple the core function of
government: to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We are proposing a plan that lays the groundwork for a
better Connecticut today and for our future. This is more than a two year budget. It’s a blueprint for empowering people
in our state to be successful.”

Republican leaders agree with Democrat leaders that the governor’s budget proposal is a non-starter. The Blueprint
for Prosperity provides a biennial budget plan for Fiscal Years 2016 and 2017 and outlines a series of long term
initiatives to set Connecticut on a better path for smarter spending today and in the future.

To view a summary of the Blueprint for Prosperity, click here (requires Adobe Acrobat)