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P.O. Box 837, Killingworth, CT  06419
Nancy Gorski, Treasurer
We will not share your personal information unless required by law
"Politics isn't
about big money
or power games;
it's about the
improvement of
people's lives."

-Paul Wellstone
or irresponsible spending, but by allowing the free market to work and by
enhancing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  When government does
act, its role should be limited, fiscally responsible, and in accordance with the

We believe we must ensure that our small town way of life is kept safe, our
children receive the best education, and our state and local economy is vibrant
and growing so that the people of our town can prosper.
Welcome to the Killingworth Republican
Town Committee's home on the world-wide
web. The KRTC is a grassroots organization
that seeks to bring new members into the
Republican party, educate voters about
candidates and issues, and elect people
that share common sense Republican
ideals. We believe the answer to our local,
state and national problems is not found in
massive, ineffective government programs
in our core beliefs set down by Abraham Lincoln- the object of government is to
do for the community whatever they are unable to do for themselves as
individuals, but in all that which people are capable of doing on their own,
government ought not to interfere.

We encourage you to get involved. Whether you are are interested in running
for office, joining a local board or commission, or volunteering to help on a
campaign, your first step should be to contact any member of the Killingworth
Republican Town Committee. There will be a KRTC member at every town
meeting and board meeting.  We also meet on
the first Thursday of every month
at the Killingworth Public Library meeting room at 7:30
so feel free to stop by and
say hello.  If you prefer, feel free to contact us directly through this website via
the CONTACT US page. We are all a friendly crew. After all, we're not only the
Republican party. We're also your friends and neighbors.

Thank you for visiting us.
We are honored to be your voice for the Republican
party in town, and w
e look forward to hearing from you.
We are an inclusive and diverse
group. Our members include
lifelong residents of Killingworth
as well as people new to our
town, young and the young at
heart, business and community
leaders, homemakers, working
families and retirees, current
and former elected officials, and
ordinary people who simply want
to make a difference.  We hold a
wide range of viewpoints on
many issues, but we are united