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P.O. Box 837, Killingworth, CT  06419
rice McLaughlin, Treasurer
We will not share your personal information unless required by law
"One of the
penalties for
refusing to
participate in
politics is that you
end up being
governed by your

The decisions you make
today will affect the world
you want your children to
live in tomorrow.

Joining the Kilingworth Republican Town Committee is also easy.  Just stop on by during our
monthly meeting which is held on the
first Thursday of every month at the Killingworth Library
meeting room, at 7:30
, and say hello.  You can help us with anything from web site development
to helping us find candidates for office, to helping Republican candidiates win an election, to even
simply helping out during a public event.  The best part of all is that you’ll meet a lot of great
people who have the same ideals you have.  You might even meet our next senator or governor!


You’ve come to the right place!  The Killingworth Republican Town Committee is the official
steward of the Republican Party in the town of Killingworth, and we are the first step for anyone
who is seriously interested in running for public office as a Repblican.   Almost every politician
you've ever heard of got their start by reaching out to a Town Committee somewhere.  There are
positions that range from making financial decisions for the town, to deciding how local businesses
are regulated, to maintaining our schools and making students safe.  We want to be honest; these
positions will require a lot of responsibility and dedication of time on your part, but the satisfaction
of knowing you made a difference for the town, your friends and neighbors, and even your family,
can’t be beat.  You don't even need to be a member of the KRTC to run for office; if there is nothing
in our values listed on our ABOUT US page you disagree with, then you're our kind of candidate.


Political leaders know their job is to represent the views of their constituents, and the time tested
method of letter writing, either to a newspaper or to your eleted leaders, works in ways you might
not realize.  For one, it lets your leaders know where you stand on issues, and more importantly,
whether or not they are on the wrong side of an issue.  For another, in the case of newspapers or
local web sites it lets other people know about an issue they might not have given serious thought
about before, and if your letter is written well, you will find many people will begin to agree with you.


Throughout the year, there are many events that need the participation of  Killingworth residents
(I.E. Town meetings and referendums to decide an important issue) and the best way for us to let
people know about these events is by signing up on our email list.  The Killingworth Republican
Town Committee will occasionally take a position on issues that will have a serious impact on our
small town way of life.  It is our mission to let residents know about these issues and where we
stand on them because the old adage of “What you don’t know can’t hurt you” isn’t always true.  
You have our word that we won't share your information with anybody exept when required by law.   

Visit the
CONTACT US page by clicking HERE and let's get started!
Do you have a spirit of volunteerism?  Do you like working with other people?  Do you like the idea
of helping the town become a better place?  Most importantly, are you interesting in helping the
Republican Party and Republican candidates in town, in Hartford, and in Washington?   If so then
we can use your help, and the best part of all is that no experience is required!


Registering in the Republican Party is more important than you realize.  It means you’re declaring
yourself as someone who believes in a government committed to fiscal responsibility as well as a
government that works best when it works closely with the people....and it's easy to do.  Simply
stop by town hall and contact our
Republican registrar Lauren Blaha at 860-663-1765 x 511,
and fill out a form (which you may download HERE) or for your convenience, you may register
online by using the State of CT online voter registration website at the link below.  There are laws
that regulate how soon a newly registered Republican is able to vote in Republican caucuses and
primaries, as well as in elections, so be sure to register sooner rather than later.